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Adult Ballet Barre Fit Class

Art of Dance Ballet Barre classes focus on the physical as well as the aesthetic benefits of lengthening muscles, while strengthening them. We combine the barre method, pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles. This full-body workout is designed to give you shaped abs, toned legs, cut arms, and a high, lifted butt. Focusing on an isolated core with fitness exercises, alignment, flexibility and posture as you work through targeted mindful muscle movements.

Adult Hip Hop Cardio Class

Hip Hop is an art of dance form in and of itself. This class takes standard hi/lo aerobics moves and gives them a bit of style. The high-energy dance class is the most fun way to shed weight. Set to the latest hip-hop music, this lead/follow class will give you a work-out and a bit of a dance lesson too. Around 8 songs are played in each class and used for 8 week periods so you can learn the routines and feel confident with them by the end of the session. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. No previous dance training is required.

Ballet & Tap Combo Class

Ages 3-4 & 5-6

This class is designed for the beginner dancer. Each lesson is an introduction to the enchanted world of ballet and tap. Basic dance principles are introduced in a playful, creative manner while ensuring proper skill development for future training. Coloring sheets are offered to reinforce the vocabulary and steps learned during each class. Two dance routines will be performed in the recital, one ballet and one tap.

Tap & Jazz Combo Class

Ages 7-9

This class is designed for the beginner/intermediate young dancer. The Ballet I class is also suggested in combination with this class to ensure proper technique although it is not required.

The 30-minute Jazz/Hip Hop portion of the class contains an introduction to proper warm-ups and stretches for the body as well as across-the-floor progressions and mini combinations.

The 30-minute Tap portion is focused on learning how to articulate the feet, shift and place weight properly and continuing to develop rhythm and coordination.

Ballet I, II, III

Ages 7 & up

Each class begins at the barre with appropriate exercises to develop strength, balance and flexibility. Next center floor work is performed adagio (slow) and allegro (fast) movements. Center floor combinations, across the floor combinations and turns and leaps are covered in each lesson.

Ballet is the true foundation for any dance discipline and is essential to a dancer's evolution. With the discipline of ballet technique students advance in grace, strength, coordination, flexibility and fluidity.

After developing the essential technique through the ballet levels, students may be recommended by their teacher to study Pointe.

Jazz I, II, III

Ages 10 & up

Jazz classes focus on increasing strength and flexibility while developing proper technique. The goal is to gain a sense of musicality, learn proper jazz vocabulary and develop artistry and performance skills.